Strength of Saints Relic Tour of St. Thomas More & St. John Fisher in Minnesota for Fortnight for Freedom

Strength of the Saints Relic Tour the Minnesota Catholic Conference Catholic Pilgrimage Sites

First let me say that I LOVE the tagline for this relic tour.  One of the wonderful things about the Saints is that we have the opportunity to draw strength from them in our everyday lives and there is really a Saint for any difficulty we face or obstacle we need to overcome.  Relic tours are a blessing because they give us an opportunity to draw closer to the Saints, to focus on their lives, their example, and ask for their intercession.

The Strength of the Saints Relic Tour is part of the Fortnight for Freedom and brings the relics St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher to several churches in Minnesota for public veneration.  As our country continues to face increasing threats to religious liberty, St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, both 16th century Englishmen, are excellent examples of the courage to live the Catholic faith in the face of persecution.  St. Thomas More was Lord Chancellor in England in the early 1500s.  He resigned his post and refused to approve King Henry VIII’s divorce and remarriage against Church teachings and his break from the Pope and establishment of his own church, the Church of England.  More was beheaded on Tower Hill in London for his faith.  St. John Fisher was a Bishop in England during the time of King Henry VIII and was initially asked to look at the validity of the King’s marriage to Queen Catherine.  He upheld the validity of the marriage and refused to give into the King’s demand or recognize the King’s new church.  He was executed two weeks before St. Thomas More.

You can see the updated tour schedule here.

June 26, 2016
Cathedral of St. Paul
St Paul, Minnesota

June 27, 2016
Queen of Peace Church
Cloquet, MN



Cathedral of St. Mary
St. Cloud, MN

June 28, 2016
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
New Ulm, MN



The relics will be touring a couple of other dioceses and we will post that information when we have it.

To find other relics that are on tour and available for veneration visit the Relics & Events page.

St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, pray for us!



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