Venerate Relic of St. Peregrine at Assumption Catholic Church in Chicago

I was in downtown Chicago on business this week and only had a small window of free time.  I looked up the closest Catholic Church in walking distance to my hotel and found that Assumption Catholic Church was only a few blocks away.  I hurried down there hoping to catch a few minutes of quiet prayer in the church before heading off to my meetings.  I happened to arrive while mass was going on and sat in one of the pews in the back.

After the mass was concluded I spent some time in prayer and then walked around admiring the beauty of church.  I was immediately struck by statues of St. Peregrine kneeling as though he is seeking intercession before Jesus on the cross with the Blessed Virgin Mary by his side.  There is a relic of St. Peregrine, patron saint of cancer patients, in a cross shaped reliquary and there is a kneeler there so that you can spend time in prayer and venerating the relic.  On Mondays they have a 10 minute service in honor of St. Peregrine after the 12:10 mass that includes prayer, petitions, litany, and a blessing with the relic of the saint. I apologize the pictures aren’t the best quality.  I only had my phone on me and the lighting wasn’t very good.

St Peregrine Relic

There are other large statues of saints, 10 in all, including St. Anne, St. Patrick, and Mother Cabrini.  Beautiful stained glass windows line each side of the church and the ceilings have multiple paintings.

Assumption Catholic Church Saint StatuesAssumption Catholic Church Ceiling Paintings

Assumption Catholic Church was founded in 1881 and ministered to the Italian Catholic immigrants that settled in the area.  Today, it serves the diversity of downtown Chicago.  If want to go outside of mass, call before you go to make sure the church doors will be unlocked.  I happened to arrive while the 12:10 mass was going on, but I think they were locking the doors while I was leaving.

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