Catholic Pilgrimage Sites

 Welcome to Catholic Pilgrimage Sites.  Visiting pilgrimage sites is an important part of the Catholic faith and there are many sites across throughout the world to choose from.  I’m in the process of adding Catholic Pilgrimage sites starting with the United States.  Often when we think of pilgrimage sites we think of well known and far away places such as Lourdes and Fatima.  Most people don’t realize there are many important pilgrimage sites in the United States  including sites of documented miracles, sites where martyrs took place and places where the relics of saints are open to public veneration.  This list of pilgrimage sites is updated frequently with the goal of becoming the most comprehensive list on the web.  Suggestions of sites to add are welcomed & encouraged.

A pilgrimage does not have to be a long, dedicated journey.  Consider looking at nearby pilgrimage sites as you plan your next vacation.  You may be surprised to find sites in your own backyard.  Check out our list of pilgrimage sites by state to find one near you.


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